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Insulating glass is how to play the role of heat

2015/11/19 view:

              The energy saving principle of heat curtain wall is the use of hollow glass and thermal break aluminum to achieve energy saving. The heat insulation principle of heat insulation break bridge aluminum profile is to produce a continuous insulating region based on the insulation, the aluminum alloy profile is divided into two parts. Heat insulation "cold bridge" selection of materials for polyamide nylon 66, the thermal conductivity of 0.3W/ (m2K), far less than the thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy 210W/ (m2K), and mechanical properties of aluminum alloy. At the end of the 1970s, heat insulation break bridge aluminum profile abroad appeared, mainly for the alpine region of the aluminum alloy doors and windows, to the 20th century end of the 1980s began to cold areas of a frame glass curtain wall. China is currently in the construction of high thermal insulation performance requirements, but also began to use it for the Ming box insulation glass curtain wall, the hidden box insulation glass curtain wall and point supported glass curtain wall.

              In addition, in , it is more important to pay attention to the application and design of (because in the curtain wall, the glass area is much larger than the aluminum alloy frame). If 10+12A+10 hollow glass, the heat transfer coefficient of K 3.0W/ (m2K), the heat transfer coefficient is lower than the single glass, 1/2, can greatly reduce the energy consumption, therefore, in the case of high thermal insulation performance, should be used in the case of hollow glass, the K value can be reduced to 1.3W/ (m2K).

              The general idea of the design of aluminum profile joints is that in the case of aluminum alloy profile section, the different thickness of is fitted by changing the size of heat insulation and rubber strip. Using heat insulation curtain wall can play a very good energy saving and noise reduction effect. Compared with the ordinary single glass, energy saving and noise reduction of about 25%~50%, about 30db~40db. Dynamic curtain wall is a new type of curtain wall, which is a new type of curtain wall technology. According to its structure, it can be divided into two types: "closed internal circulation system" and "open external circulation system", which is natural ventilation. The former needs through the motor forced draft, and overall energy level is not high; the latter through natural ventilation, so energy saving effect is more obvious.

                Natural ventilation type dynamic curtain wall structure, the outer layer by single-layer and non adiabatic rod composed of open structure of the glass curtain wall, inner layer is composed of insulating rods and hollow glass sliding doors (or sliding window) curtain wall system. The hot channel between the two layer curtain wall is generally equipped with an automatic control of the shutter. The upper and lower ends of the hot channel are provided with the exhaust air and air inlet device.

               The operating principle can be described in different seasons. In the summer, when the temperature of the two layer curtain wall is very high, the outlet device can be opened up and down, and the air flow is generated by the thermal chimney effect in the hot channel. Through the passage of the upper and lower ends of the exhaust gas, the control of the air inlet device, the formation of negative pressure in the channel, the use of the inner wall on both sides of the pressure difference and open the door, you can always enter the indoor fresh air. In winter: the passage of the upper and lower end of the exhaust port device is closed, inside and outside the two layer of glass curtain wall between the hot channel due to the sun's exposure, temperature rise, like a greenhouse, so that increases the temperature of the outer surface of the inner wall, reducing the operating costs of building heating. Spring and autumn when the temperature in the two seasons moderate, there is no refrigeration and heating, can open the sliding doors and a natural outdoor temperature exchange to achieve a balance.