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Guoguang told the two materials about your optical optical lens

2015/11/19 view:

            Guoguang optical K9 optical glass and K9 (H-K9L, N-BK7) is the most commonly used optical materials, from see near infrared (350-2000nm) has excellent transmittance, in the field of telescope, laser is widely used. H-K9L (N-BK7) is one of the most commonly used optical lenses to prepare high quality optical components, and when it is not required to have an additional advantage of ultraviolet fused silica (in the ultraviolet band has a very good transmittance and low thermal expansion coefficient), the general will choose H-K9L.

               Guoguang optical UV melting stone and UV melting stone (JGS1. F F_SILICA) from the ultraviolet to the near infrared band (185-2100nm) have very high transmittance, in the deep ultraviolet region has a high transmittance and make it widely used in UV laser. In addition, compared with the H-K9L N-BK7, UV grade fused quartz has better uniform and a lower coefficient of thermal expansion, make its are particularly suitable for applications in ultraviolet to near-infrared. High power laser and imaging field.