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Automobile heat insulation glass Guoguang bring you several common optical

2015/11/19 view:

              Automotive glass has good optical performance, which is required to ensure that the driver has good visibility. Therefore, it is required to make a transparent test, such as deviation, light distortion and color recognition test. It should be with good wear resistance, heat resistance, light resistance and heat resistance, mounted to the body the body with good sealing.

                1 common plate : the glass is made from quartz sand, feldspar and soda ash, limestone and other raw materials. This kind of glass is the biggest drawback is fragile, the intensity difference, once a traffic accident occurs, smashed glass often with sharp edges, thereby causing human casualties. Therefore, GB7258-1997 (motor vehicle operating safety technology conditions): motor vehicle windows and doors must be used to secure the glass, the use of the safety glass should be in accordance with the requirements of GB9656. Automotive windshield glass should be used in laminated glass or part of the area of toughened glass, the other windows can be used in toughened glass. In short, can not be used in ordinary flat glass and organic glass;

               2 tempered glass: tempered glass is heated to a certain temperature of the ordinary flat glass after a certain temperature, and the brush cooling, and produce high strength glass. This greatly improves the strength of glass, its impact strength is 6 ~ 9 times of ordinary flat glass, tempered glass is strong and strong, even though the strong impact is also safe; glass once broken, the shape of its fragment is a peak shape, no sharp edges, it is not easy to hurt, tempered glass also has good heat resistance, cold resistance. Because of the many advantages of toughened glass, it is an example of "safety glass" category ";

              3 regional toughened glass: special heat treatment method is used to control the size, shape and distribution of glass sheets. Once damaged, the driver has two visibility";

               4. Heat insulation sandwich glass: heat-insulating laminated glass (also called high resistance to penetration of laminated glass) laminated glass is composed of three layers, two layers of glass sandwiched in the thickness of 0. 76 mm in the middle layer, the total thickness is 338MM. Middle laminated glass membrane material is usually used for polyvinyl butyral PVB good performance. Laminated glass has a high strength, toughness, and anti impact ability, good security, high transparency. Once broken, and inside and outside the two layers of glass pieces are still able to bond in the PVB diaphragm. The diaphragm has a greater toughness, in which the impact of the impact of the arch to absorb a part of the impact energy, with a certain buffer, the impact strength of the high speed is higher than the tempered glass. Field survey records also indicated that the tempered glass and laminated glass compared with higher casualty rate, ratio of the debris stabbed eyes is higher.

                5 special : the glass in addition to the function of laminated glass, there is a special function. (1) bulletproof glass. It is a very strong and transparent chemical film in the sandwich glass. It can not only effectively prevent bullets, but also has the anti surge impact, explosion, earthquake and post impact does not appear crack properties. (2) electric heating glass. When combined with two layers of glass and PVB film, sandwiched in a very fine tungsten wire, electric wire heat, the evaporation of water from the surface of the glass. This glass is mainly used in the winter to prevent ice on the windshield, frost and fog in rainy humid. (3) antenna laminated glass. In the laminated glass clip has very fine copper wire Kang, used to replace the rod antenna can be avoided by antenna rod pulling in and out of trouble, and will not cause corrosion. General on the windshield glass. (4) Sun shaded glass. In the above the windscreen sandwich on a layer of color film, from deep and shallow, the sun shading effect to some extent. (5) insulating laminated glass. Nylon hotline reflecting film sandwiched between two layers of glass, it can let the sun visible light penetration, and for near infrared spectroscopy hotline can most reflected back, so as to reduce the temperature inside the car;